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HYDROTHERMAL VENT COLLECTIONS BY WOODS HOLE SUBMERSABLES. VISIT TO WOODS HOLE OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTION USA. With financial assistance from the “International Research Coordination Network for Biodiversity...

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The Archaea are one of the three domains of life. They share many characteristics with the other two Bacteria and Eukarya, however are evolutionarily distinct...

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My equipment includes the following: Olympus BX 53 Research Microscope with DIC and: SC 100 Digital camera supported by, Dell T1650 Precision Workstation computer with...

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Vorticella The “Bell Animalcule” Vorticella was observed by Leeuwenhoek in the early 17th Century and named by O.F. Mueller in 1786. Vorticella was also the...

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Stentor and friends

Stentor 1 swimming with Paramecia and Euplotes, note the holdfast fibrils on the stalk end, food and contractile vacuoles and the adoral membranelle. A Marine...

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