Marine Protists and Prokaryotes of Salt Swamp Creek.


APRIL – New species of Folliculinid with endosymbiotic algae. MARCH 2017 – coral samples from the Great Barrier Reef looking for Folliculinids. – FEBRUARY 2017...

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New Coral Disease Syndrome

A proposed new coral disease aetiology. My 28 October 2016 seminar at the Vet School Adelaide Uni, presented preliminary research proposing that the Folliculinids protists...

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Scanning Electron Microscopy

Phillips XL30 Scanning Electron Microscope – Adelaide Microscopy – University of Adelaide. I am presently funded by an Australian Biological Resources Study Grant (ABRS) to...

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My visit to James Cook University ARC Centre of Excellence on Coral (ARC CEC) Feb 13 -17th 2017. I wish to thank Dr Tracy Ainsworth...

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