These images are of unusual and/or as yet unidentified specimens, any comments gratefully received.

Strombilidium caudatum; Identified with assistance from Dr Helmut Berger.

GROUP 1 Astylozoon web size Image_3991

PLATE 1: Strobilidium caudatum.  Several specimens collected from water open surface. These specimens were very active whirling around on an almost invisible, non-contractile mucus stalk. Only the attached bacteria showed the presence of the long (100-150 microns) mucus stalk as seen above. The stalk must be relatively strong as the protist was putting a lot of strain on it. Note the large contractile vacuole and possible commensal algae. A video will be posted at a later date. Scale is 20 microns in all images.

Image_3989 Web size

PLATE 2: Same specimen as in plate 1.

Astylozoon 3

PLATE 3: Image of another specimen with attached stalk, however this time not visible as out of the focal plane.

Astylozoon sp.

PLATE 4: Note contractile vacuole and long eyelash like cilia, possibly cerri.