My equipment includes the following:

  1. Olympus BX 53 Research Microscope with DIC and:

    1. SC 100 Digital camera supported by,
    2. Dell T1650 Precision Workstation computer with solid state drive,
    3. 2x Seagate 2TB drives for image storage.
    4. Olympus Dimension Software suite.
    5. Outstanding support from Olympus Adelaide Office and staff.
  2. Trinocular Stereo Dissecting Microscope with digital camera and software.
  3. Meopta research microscope for dark field with Canon D7 18MP camera
  4. Zeiss Brass microscope with rotating mechanical stage for polarized light observation (Ca 1930).
  5. Olympus Mic portable field microscope.
  6. Meopta Microtome for thin sectioning
  7. General laboratory glassware and reagents, stains etc.

BX 53 side on 2  540

PLATE 1 BX 53 with DIC.

BX53 and Stentor on screen  540 14Mar2014_5551

PLATE 2: BX53 set up.

Stereo and Meopta at 540 14Mar2014_5545

PLATE 3: Dissecting Microscope and Meopta Darkfield Microscope.

Zeiss 1

PLATE 5: Zeiss Microscope with rotating stage.

Olympus MIC

PLATE 6: Olympus field microscope.

Zeiss and microtome 1

PLATE 7: Microtome and Zeiss microscope.


 Adelaide university centre for microscopy

I wish to thank The Adelaide Centre for Microscopy for their advice and which has generously given me some time on their Quanta 450 SEM

Web image of Gamma SEM P1030918

Author and Quanta 450 SEM