With financial assistance from the “International Research Coordination Network for Biodiversity of Ciliates” (IRCN-BC) through Dr John Clamp, I visited WHOI in August 2017 and spent time in the Edgecomb Laboratory. Dr Virginia Edgecomb hosted me and gave me a desk, microscopes and a lab to work in. Additionally Dr Edgecomb set up meetings with a number of research scientists from WHOI and the Uni Rhode Island. We also did some field work in shallow coastal ponds near WHOI.

Most importantly Dr Susan Mills presented me with a small rock that the ALVIN Submersible had recovered from -2,500 metres on the East Pacific Rim in May 2017. On inspection I saw Folliculinid lorica from at least one species. The scientist on board was Ileana Pe’rez-Rodriguez.

On my return SEM imaging and DNA tests will be carried out.

My thanks to Dr Virginia Edgecomb for her most gererous hospitality and support.

Meetings were with:

  • Dr Lauren Mullineaux Head of Biological Science at WHOI.
  • Assist Prof Roxanne Lynn – University of Rhode Island
  • Dr Judith O’Neil
  • Dr Susan Mills
  • Assist Prof Ileana Perez-Rodriguez
  • Dr Carolyn Tepolt

And many more students.