Image_3032 joenia sp WEB SIZE

IMAGE 1:  Group 3 Termites – Joenia sp. Note: The extended axostyle, attached spirochaetes on body surface, tuft of flagella on the anterior looking like a horses mane. It is very active propelling the Joenia in circles.

Image_3069 WEB SIZE

IMAGE 2: Joenia, Details of flagella plate area, nucleus and parabasal bodies.

Image_3168 Joenia anterior axostyle fibres WEB SIZE

IMAGE 3: Joenia – note axostyle filaments, (APO 1.4 NA oil)

Image_3169 WEB SIZE  Joenia

IMAGE 4: Joenia – note nucleus, parabasal bodies and flagellar plate with very long basal bodies.

Image_3070 Trichonympha injesting wood particle WEB SIZE

IMAGE 5: Trichonympha – Posterior end showing a “large” wood particle being ingested.

Image_3059  Trichonympha campanula

IMAGE 6: Trichonympha, Spirotrichonympha and pseudotrypanosoma sp. and numerous prokaryotes.

Image_3025 Trichonympha campanula WEB SIZE

IMAGE 7: Trichonympha campanula, see images 6-7 from same subject.

Image_3027 Trichonympha anterior end note basal bodies

IMAGE 8: Trichonympha anterior end showing flagella, basal bodies and flagella roots.

Image_3029 WEB SIZE  levels adjusted

IMAGE 9: Trichonympha – same subject as image 6, focused on the dorsal surface, note the basal granules and ridges.

Image_2554 Web SIZE

IMAGE 10: Detailed structure of flagella/spirochaete attachment in the cortex of Trichonympha sp.(x100 Apo 1.4 NA ).

Image_688 x60 oil 1.35 WEB SIZE

IMAGE 11:  Trichonympha sp, note the chromosomes in the nucleus and the flagella entering the cortex and possible kinetosomes.(x60 Apo NA1.35 oil objective)

Image_2544 rostrum WEB SIZE

IMAGE 12: Rostrum area of Trichonympha sp. (x100 UPlanSAPO 1.4 oil objective).

Image Pseudotrypanpsoma gihanteum  Group 3 WEB SIZE _3045

IMAGE 13: Pseudotrypanosoma giganteum – Note: large size, undulating membrane, many spirochaetes.

Image_3171 Und Memb showing 4 filaments WEB SIZE

IMAGE 14: Pseudotrypanosoma sp – Note the undulating membrane is composed of a number of fibres of approx 0.26 of a micron.

WEB Image_3077 Joenia having a good hair day

IMAGE 15: Joenia sp –A different form with numerous attached spirochaetes.